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CC Sells Team, Keller Williams Realty

  • 43330 Junction Plaza #114, Ashburn, Virginia
  • Phone: (703) 729-9612

David Stratuik REALTOR Century 21 Redwood Realty

  • 44075 Pipeline Plaza, Ashburn, Virginia
  • Phone: (703) 424-3207

Gayle King -"Opens Doors" - Century 21 Redwood Realty

  • 44075 Pipeline Plaza, Ashburn, Virginia
  • Phone: (703) 980-5334


  • 44355 Premier Plaza #110, Ashburn, Virginia
  • Phone: (703) 282-8444

Joe Doman - Realtor -REMAX Gateway

  • Realtor - Real Estate Agent, 42635 Soave Drive Suite 200, Ashburn, Virginia
  • Phone: (703) 929-5716

Keller Williams--Dulles North

  • 20130 Lakeview Center Plaza, Ashburn, Virginia
  • Phone: (703) 957-0197

Kuljeet Chabbewal Weichert Realtors

  • Realtor Real Estate Agent Broker, 43150 Broadlands Ctr Plz #104, Ashburn, Virginia
  • Phone: (703) 314-3632


We recently used to find our Real Estate Agent and were both extremely pleased and satisfied with the results. Both in selling our present home and finding another more suitable home. Even with the tight supply situation we found...

— Paul & Sandy -- Tamp, Florida

We were very impressed with… the process of finding our Real Estate Agent was easy and painless... we can't them enough.

— Holly & Geoff Molson -- San Francisco, California

When my wife and I decided to sell, we were looking for an agent who listened, understood our requirements, and would help us make a decision we could be comfortable with over the long term. helped us find the perfect Real Estate...

— W.R. Miller -- Austin, Texas

An extremely satisfying experience. We found Allan on and he understood our expectations and knew how to convert them to reality in the current market environment.

— Simon Alikan -- Albany, New York has been a key source of marketing and advertising with seveal of our companies for years. The idea from the beginning is nothing less than briliant and the syndication and reliability is flawless. We highly recommend the services.

— Brian Lucas, PLLC -- Apollo Beach, Florida

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Anytime you're buying or selling a house, it's a big deal. You wouldn't trust such an important transaction to just anyone would you? A real estate agent can make or break your home selling or buying experience so wouldn't you like to get the agent who's best suited for your needs? If so, then List Real Estate Agents is here to help you find just that person!

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