• Types of Homes

    - 04 - 2011

    The term real estate applies to large variety of dwellings. A dwelling is any structure serving as a residence. There are several types of homes, including single-family housing, multifamily housing, modular or prefabricated homes, manufactured or mobile homes, apartments, microhouses or minihouses, condos (condominiums), and cooperatives (Co-ops).

  • Title Insurance and Deeds

    - 02 - 2011

    Title is a legal document that specifies the owner of a real estate. There are two types of titles: legal title (held by the property lender) and equitable title (held by the borrower). Once the borrower has paid the loan, he gains legal title. The title itself doesn’t prove ownership. Title defects may be result of a defective will or incorrect description of the property. Also, unrecorded...

  • Real Estate Environmental Hazards

    - 02 - 2011

    The law may assess liability of some environmental problems commonly found on the land. The assessment includes hazards to the owners. The buyer is advises to consider the possibility that some environmental problems may reduce the future property’s value and evoke great costs in course of time. The seller has legal duty to inform the buyer of all known environmental hazards....

  • Real Estate Basics

    - 01 - 2011

    Buying a house is a traumatic experience. Confusion with terms isn’t helpful either. Before starting this exhausting quest, you may wish to learn the real estate basics. Many terms circulate as synonyms, while, in fact, they stand for completely different things. So let’s start from the beginning. Land is the ground with all natural objects within it. Everything growing on top of...